Blacka di Danca (right) & Crew, Brooklyn Museum, 2015

BEAT Festival Press Selected Highlights

2012 (Inaugural Season)


The Wall St. Journal, August 8, 2012

New Stage Is Set for Performing Arts in Brooklyn (by Jennifer Maloney)

The New York Daily News, August 27, 2012

Brooklyn’s BEAT Festival: Borough entertainers for borough audiences for $20 a ticket or less

The New Yorker, September 21, 2012

When You Are The Dance: Noemie Lafrance 


Featured with Roger Clarke on NY1

Performers Step To Own BEAT At Brooklyn Festival

Online Media/Blogs

Effed in Park Slope

Introducing: The BEAT Festival


Emerging Artists Rock Stages All Over Brooklyn

Carroll Gardens Patch

BEAT Festival Keeps Artistic Talent in Brooklyn